sRF Staking

What is sRF?

sRF represents the staked version of RF, with the primary purpose of distributing protocol revenue and VC rewards among stakers. Stakers will receive 90% of both protocol revenue and VC rewards within one week after the official launch, coinciding with Velocore's epoch. The remaining 10% will be utilized as revenues for ReactorFusion.
Protocol revenue is generated through fees based on reserve factors for various pools, with riskier pools yielding higher fees. ReactorFusion features a single sRF staking pool, where rewards are utilized to purchase RF from the market and distribute it to sRF stakers.
Please note that a 7-day delay applies to unstaking requests. For instance, if you stake and decide to unstake on May 10, 2023, you will be able to withdraw your tokens on May 17, 2023.


  • Revenues will be distributed based on your share of staked RF supply. (For instance, if you have 100k sRF and there is a total of 1M sRF, you'll be entitled to 10% of the rewards.)
  • RF stakers receive 90% of the protocol revenue as RF tokens
  • RF stakers also receive 90% of $VC earned through farming on Velocore