ReactorFusion Loyalty Program (RLP)

Loyalty Program Introduction

ReactorFusion is proud to announce the launch of our Loyalty Program. This program establishes a transparent accounting system for distributing potential future airdrops earned by ReactorFusion's participation within the zkSyncEra ecosystem.

Recently, many foundations and projects have been actively promising future rewards and using them as promotions to acquire users, and this is driving the market with a strong narrative. ReactorFusion has also served as a native money market in the zkSyncEra ecosystem since our April 2023 launch, and we're seeing tangible airdrops based on that contribution.

ReactorFusion Loyalty Program (RLP) is designed to fairly distribute these tokens among our dedicated users and $RF stakers.

ReactorFusion Points (RFP)

To incentivize early participation and ensure fairness, ReactorFusion is introducing RFP. These will be distributed proportionally to users actively engaging with the lending and staking actions within ReactorFusion protocol. Earning RFP is possible through staking $RF tokens or borrowing assets from ReactorFusion's lending pools. RFP distribution occurs upon reaching predefined period.

Leveraging on-chain data, we calculate a time-weighted pro-rata share of rewards based on individual user activities between milestones.

RFP is not provided in the form of a separate token but functions as a unique score linked to your EVM address. It cannot be transferred or passed on to others. Once a milestone is concluded and the RFP is finalized, it is permanently attributed to that account.

RFP Distribution Structure

  • Proportional allocation to $RF token stakers (70%)

  • Proportional allocation to borrowers (30%)

Until the end of a milestone, borrowing and RF staking activities during that milestone are calculated based on a time-based score included in the milestone.

$ZK Airdrop: A Strong Incentive Program for Users

We have always committed to using 50% of the airdrop we receive for the benefit of our community. The time has come to honor this promise!

After discussions with the Foundation, the direction we want to take with the ecosystem is to use as much of the airdrop as possible to support the future growth of the protocol, so that we can return larger airdrops to users as we grow, so we allocated them as follows:

Total Community Allocation: 1,226,064 $ZK

  • 50% Distributed immediately to RLP Season 0 participants based on RFP. - Claim Deadline: 19 July 2024 (Unclaimed amounts will be redistributed for project development and community support)

  • 50% Used over the next three months (expected to be until the $ZK ecosystem airdrop of Wave 2), this will be used to incentivize suppliers and borrowers instead of $RF emissions, promoting rapid and immediate incentivization.

Revamping the RLP: Faster and More Immediate

The ReactorFusion team has continuously strived for fairness and transparency, as demonstrated by our ReactorFusion Loyalty Program (RLP). Since its launch, we have completed RLP Milestone 0 and are currently progressing through Milestone 1.

Given the rapidly changing market conditions and various internal and external issues, we recognize the need to provide faster and more immediate incentives to our users. Therefore, we plan to revamp the RLP with the following key changes:

  • The criteria for milestone completion will shift from the borrow volume to the commencement of the next zkSync ecosystem incentive program Wave 2. Essentially, Milestone 1 will continue until this point.

  • Future Wave 2 zkSync ecosystem airdrops will be allocated based on RFP earned in Milestone 1, similar to the current airdrop based on Milestone 0 RFP.

  • The $PYTH airdrop allocation will be removed. Instead, the previously allocated $PYTH for future milestones will be transparently reallocated to support the protocol recovery program.

Deprecated Content

Future Reward Allocation

A maximum of 50% of all potential future rewards will be set aside for distribution.

The allocated rewards are allocated on a pro-rata basis for each milestone and are released each time the milestone is achieved and progressed to the next milestone. If the milestone is not achieved, the unawarded allocated rewards in the reward pool may not be released.

In this case, the rewards remain in the pool until the end of the RLP and can be used for the purposes of further protocol operation, development, and user events.

Not all reward distributions will be conducted solely through milestones; there may also be airdrops proportional to the total accumulated quantity of RFP. Look forward to future rewards from ReactorFusion provided through the RLP.

Using 'Total Borrow' Value as Milestones

To qualify as achieved, each milestone must remain above the designated threshold for a consecutive one-week period. DeFi Llama serves as the official platform for measuring the protocol's total borrows on a daily basis.

RLP dashboard shows the current number of milestones in progress and the start of new milestones.

Milestone 0

For our valued existing users who have contributed to the ReactorFusion protocol, we will calculate your cumulative contribution based on the period before the first milestone starts and distribute RFP accordingly as Milestone 0 rewards. This will remain for the duration of the RLP and will not disappear as milestones progress.

$PYTH Airdrop for RFP Holders

Upon the conclusion of a milestone with $PYTH allocated as rewards, the reward pool's $PYTH will be airdropped in proportion to the distributed RFP for that milestone. This airdrop targets those among the RFP recipients who have registered their Solana wallet addresses. It necessitates a process of inserting your Solana wallet address and signing with your EVM wallet. Only the last signed Solana wallet address will be considered valid.

$RF Airdrop for $PYTH Stakers

After a milestone designated for rewards to Pyth stakers concludes, $RF from the reward pool will be provided in proportion to the distributed RFP for that milestone. This is applicable solely to RFP distribution targets who have their EVM addresses bound via the Pyth staking portal.

Detailed $PYTH staking criteria and specifics will be announced later.

Linking EVM addresses through the $PYTH staking portal can be done via the following link:

Program Start: Milestone 1

  • Start Date: Total 5M borrowing reached for more than 1 week to trigger startup

  • Dashboard Open: March 13, 2024, at 3:00 UTC

Milestone Details

Claiming Rewards

Users can access and claim their rewards at any time through the designated claim page within the ReactorFusion platform.

Aligned Interests

The program aligns with participants' interests, creating a system that rewards them according to their contribution. As higher milestones are reached, more rewards become available to all participants. Even if a milestone is achieved, the total amount of RFP granted also increases in line with the milestone criteria, ensuring every user's contribution to ReactorFusion is fairly recognized. This drives protocol activation and ecosystem development connected to the increase in the project's total TVL, ultimately guiding all participants towards significant benefits.

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