ReactorFusion utilizes the decentralized Chainlink & Pyth oracle solutions, which provide up-to-date token price data to smart contracts on the zkSyncEra Mainnet.

Responsibilities of an oracle

  • Updates, stores, and distributes up-to-date token prices relevant to the system.

  • Disables exchange functionality if prices are not fresh.

  • Provides up-to-date token prices for liquidation functionality.

How does ReactorFusion utilize oracles?

ReactorFusion utilizes a singular SimpleOracle contract to interact with Pyth oracle.

Oracle Contracts

At ReactorFusion, the on-chain manifestation of the oracle is the SimpleOracle contract, which interacts with the Pyth contract and fetches prices. The primary user of these prices is the Comptroller contract, which needs them to calculate collateral status when performing liquidations.

Constituent Contracts



The oracle is responsible for fetching and processing Pyth oracle data.


The Comptroller reads price data from SimpleOracle and calculates borrowable amounts

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